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Mechinat Noam

Leadership, Knowledge-based Tradition and Social Engagement

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 Who are we?

Mechinat Noam, in partnership with Kol-Ami, is a six-month gap year program for Jewish young men and women from Israel and around the world. Located in the Jerusalem Hill at Kibbutz Kiryam Anavim, Mechinat Noam runs a weekly schedule of formal learning, group activities and workshops and weekly volunteering with the local community.

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Additionally, our program includes frequent week-long excursions that educate through adventure. We seek to understand the major questions that face the Jewish people today, through exploring identity, experiential learning and opportunities for personal growth. We celebrate learning and seek to instill a deep and nuanced understanding of Jewish identity in the 21st century and its many challenges - we discuss changes that must be made in order to continue to flourish as a people. Mechinat Noam Kol Ami’s participants develop a sense of empowerment and a broad understanding of our mutual Jewish present, one that will create a strong sense of responsibility for our shared future.

Who are we?

Who are our participants?

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Who are our participants?

We are looking for courageous youth from Israel and the Jewish world who share our beliefs and goals. Together we will create a community of deep interpersonal relationships and a shared outlook on the future of our people. We are creating a group made up of independent, vibrant participants who wish to experience a year in Israel before their next chapters either in higher education or military service in the IDF.

 What is Noam?
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מה זה נוע"ם

Noam is the Masorti youth movement, the only Israeli youth movement dedicated to pluralistic Jewish values today. We celebrate the shared beliefs and rich tradition of the Jewish people, and the platform that these beliefs provide for developing positive, tolerant dialogue within our shared Jewish identity. We believe in the importance of social activism based on knowledge to bridge the gap between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, as well as those within Israeli society.

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